The Blonde Ale – Very Refreshing


The Blonde Ale, also called the Golden Ale, has no hoppy bitterness or strong malty taste. This is possibly the cleanest beer you will have. So how did the Blonde Ale come to be such a popular brew? According to Nick Carr, “Its birth was likely a lighter version of the pale ale, which was brewed through the ladder half of the 1800s and called a dinner ale.” Basically, the Blonde Ale is to be enjoyed with meals. Because it doesn’t have a high hoppiness taste, there’s no possible way for the Blonde to drastically change your palate while eating. So, I highly recommend grabbing a Blonde Ale with your next dinner of choice.


As I have said before, the Blonde Ale is easy to drink. As BJPC describes it, “Aromas of sweet malt, hops, and fruity esters are low to moderate across the board.” This gives the Blonde Ale a well-balanced flavor by using a low amount of malt as well as a low amount of hops. The flavor profile for Blonde Ales is usually a touch of sweet malt and a touch of caramel. The ABV for Blonde Ales ranges from around 3-6%.

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