Introducing – The Pale Ale

The Pale Ale is a popular style for microbreweries. Since all ales are top-fermented, it takes less time to make than lagers. Brewing ales are also less expensive to make. The fruity flavors, bitterness from the hops, and complexity give this lighter, robust beer a perfect name for itself. 

The American Pale Ale (APA)

The American Pale Ale can be a floral, fruity, piney and citrusy beer. Most importantly, it’s a well balanced malty and hoppy brew. The flavor profile is a light sweet caramel with a toasty malt flavor. APAs are the perfect beer to have with any food, because of the balance of flavors. ABV of American Pale Ales range from 4.5-6.2 %.

When Was The APA Created?

According to Bryce Eddings, “The American pale ale was created in 1980 with the introduction of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.” and as states, American Pale Ales “employ the use of American Cascade hops and a clean fermenting ale yeast.” There have been many variations of this Pale Ale since then. However, its balanced flavor is unmatched by Sierra Nevada’s American Pale Ale.

In my next few posts, I will be diving into other Pale Ales, which are all unique in their own way.

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