Hazy India Pale Ale (IPA)

Hazy IPA


Although Hazy India Pale Ales are in the IPA family, it’s unique. With a juicy appearance, this IPA is unfiltered and full of more citrus flavor than a normal filtered IPA. ‘Hazies’ have a full-bodied, juicy, and tropical flavor to it. It’s also one of the most backend smooth beers out there! 

Low Flocculating Yeast

The reason it has a haze characteristic to it is the low flocculating yeast strains. These low yeast strains mix well with the beer, with no issues of rising to the top or retiring to the bottom. This process is what makes this particular beer’s appearance look like ‘orange juice’. 


Another process used to make Hazy IPAs is Dry-Hopping. According to PunchDrink.com, “Dry-hopping is the addition of pelletized hops into the beer after the initial fermentation is complete, which occurs just a few days before kegging or canning.” Of course, other beers use dry-hopping as well, but Hazy IPAs include an excessive amount of hops during this stage. This brings out the ‘orange juice’ appearance as well.

Hazy IPAs are Popular…

Not only are Hazy IPAs unique, they are also very popular. As John Garland said, “Hazy or Juicy IPA was the most-competitive category for judging at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival….” I myself have noticed many breweries who create their whole beer menu around Hazy IPAs. Everyone loves them, and so do I. 

Hazy IPA ABV typically ranges from 5-7% but can be higher or lower depending on where you get it. Out of all types of IPAs, I personally recommend the Hazy IPAs the most. ‘Hazies’ are the perfect thirst-quenching, full-bodied beer that is quite lovable. The smooth taste with lots of hops gives this beer its unique flavor and style for the world to enjoy. 

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