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Craft a Brew

Craft a Brew

Continuing with what I said I was going to do in Brewing Beer at Home Part 1, what is great about the time we live in is that finding a starter brewing kit is easy to obtain. I was able to get mine from a company called “Craft a Brew.” It’s a starter kit for an Oak Aged IPA (India Pale Ale).

They have many different types of beer you can brew through this website, you just have to choose! The types of beer range from American Pale Ales, to Irish Stouts, to Brown Ales, and even to Chocolate Milk Stouts! It only took about a week and a half for me to get the kit delivered once purchased, and now I am excited to start brewing.


These kits are supplied with all of the equipment needed to brew beer. This kit includes:

– 1 Gallon Carboy Fermentor

– Airlock

– Funnel

– Rubber Stopper

– Tubing Clamp

– Transfer Tubing

– Racking Cane

– Thermometer


The kit also has all the fresh ingredients included, which are:

– Specialty Grains and Malt Extract

– Hops

– Yeast


Lastly, the kit includes their Guide to Craft Brewing, which gives all of the instructions and explanation of why you need all of this equipment. I am very happy to brew my own beer and I will explain the process in Part 3 of Brewing Beer at Home.

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